Lucky Luke autonomous robot


We believe in investing in the future through education. QGears sponsors a computer science faculty at a local high school (the Szent István High School, Budapest), and in this fruitful collaboration, we built an autonomous robot.

The robot, called Lucky Luke, was built for magyarok a Marson (Hungarians on Mars) competition, a nationwide contest for autonomous robot construction. We have achieved:

Public appearance

Lucky Luke was introduced at The Budapest New Technology Meetup Group.

Team Name

The team was registered to the competition as "'; ELDOB TÁBLA *.* ; --". That is abbreaviated as "E.T.". It is the Hungarian version of "'; DROP TABLE *.* ; --". The name was inspired by xkcd: Exploits of a Mom. The twist is that the translated form of that exploit does not work on any real database (a geeky joke :-).

The robot was christened "Villám Will". That is the Hungarian name of the famous hero in Lucky Luke Comics.



The Architecture of Lucky Luke autonomous robot is discussed on a separate page.

Technology overview

Tecnhologies that we used while building the robot: